Sue Shefts Designs



☆ Just Look At It!
By Roxanne Reid -- Thursday, March 5, 2020
I don’t know where to begin. This trios is magnificent. The silver work alone is stunning but the beads and signature crystals completely push it over the top. The black & white bead is so perfectly classic and Sue added a colorful art glass bead making it go with everything. Did I mention how I love the sparkly beaded chain? I lusted over this one for weeks and finally gave in. ❤️


"Got my goodies and I love them!!! I did not know how much I would like the adjustable necklace but it’s my new favorite!!!"    --MD, TX, June 2021

"Hanukah has been filled with Sue Shefts Designs this year! I received two fantastic necklaces, which I already love wearing! I adore the way each of my daughters selected a necklace to gift to me, and the two chosen are so different and versatile! My two daughters both received a pair of small earrings, instantly starting their Sue Shefts jewelry obsession. Tonight, Isabella received another pair of Sue's earrings from Hannah, who picked them out at the Hanukah bazaar. She is elated to now have two different Sue originals from which to chose. Thanks for making so many beautiful items!!!"                               --Carla, Johns Creek (12/28/16)


Wanted to let you know I LOVE my gorgeous earrings and bracelet!!! --Paula, Villa Rica (9/15/16)

"I wore my new earrings and we weren’t even out of the hotel when I got the first of many compliments!"                            --Pam, Alpharetta, GA (3/16/13)

"It's too hard to pick, because it's all so pretty!"    --Cathy, at the St. Marlo show, Duluth, GA (11/17/11)

"I just got home and tried on my new necklace -- I love it!!  Thank you so much for allowing us to swap for this one. Both designs are beautiful, but this one is even more perfect for me!  My mother showed me the new earrings that she bought today, and I've already told her that I'm going to borrow those, as well as her pink cubes.  I didn't know that you had designs that weren't on your website, so that's good to know -- more reason to come see you at art shows.  Thank you again for being so agreeable.  You have two very happy customers!"-- Nicole, Dunwoody, GA (9/15/11)

"I had the jewelry party because I love her jewelry so much that I wanted to share it with my friends. I couldn't keep it all for myself!" -- Michelle, Cumming, GA (6/14/11) 

"I love your jewelry! The nicest work at the Inman Festival!" --Pat, GA

"I LOVE my Sue Shefts jewelry. I get more compliments when I wear her jewelry, and I design jewelry myself! I try and treat myself each year with a new piece."   --Stacy, Raleigh, NC (4/25/2011)

"I wear at least one piece of jewelry of yours every day! I have quite a bit now and it is sooooo much fun to play every morning and decide which pieces to wear."                               -- Griet, Atlanta (11/4/09)

"My friend loved her lariat and earrings. They looked beautiful on her, especially in the sun where you can see the reflections of all the colors. Another happy friend with Sue's designs!" -- Cindy, Atlanta (10/20/09)        

"I have been a die-hard QVC jewelry shopper for 20+ years but after encountering Sue Shefts at a show the end of last year, I am no longer a QVC jewelry shopper.  No one ever thought they could take me away from them, but Sue did.  Her designs are exquisite and I consider it an honor to wear them.  It is an addiction, but much less fattening than potato chips."                                       -- Roxanne, Macon, GA (6/25/09)

"I LLLOOVVEE my stuff! I am so happy!  I feel so rich with pretty jewelry! I feel very secure paying online and doing business with you. Best of all, you are very quick shipping things!"        -- Liana, Macon, GA (6/12/09)

"When I wore my new earrings on Wednesday, one of my clients had a fit over them.  You just can't go anywhere with a Sue Shefts design without causing a commotion!"              -- Stephanie, Alpharetta, GA (11/16/07)